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Want to Infuse Your Wardrobe With Unicorns & Rainbows? Try Lisa Frank’s New Fashion Line

Lisa Frank has been making a comeback in a big way lately. She’s launched her own line of adult coloring books, and this week, she’s got a brand new fashion line featuring unicorn-bedecked leggings, plus tank tops, sweatshirts, and mini-dresses splashed with rainbows and stars and all that good stuff. Haven’t you always wanted a belly-shirt with a wide-eyed leopard on it? I know I have. RageOn’s online store has the complete lineup.

Lisa Frank’s aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but it happens to fall right into my personal wheelhouse. I’m way into the vibe of pairing something garishly cute (e.g. a tutu) with something grungier (e.g. leather). A lot of these Lisa Frank pieces look very, very colorful on their own, but when paired with more understated colors and pieces, they could add some nostalgic candy-punk flair to your summer vibe and brighten up your spirits.

Hot tip? If you linger on the checkout page long enough, considering whether or not you really want to splurge on a unicorn-and-rainbows tank top, a pop-up window will appear that offers you a 20% off discount code. And that’ll probably help you make the plunge and click that check-out button. I speak purely in hypotheticals, of course.

(via The Daily Dot, image via Instagram)

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