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Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Care What You Think About LOST’s Ending, Thanks to Breaking Bad

Hey, there are still people out there who liked the LOST finale! I think?


Earlier in the week, we told you that LOST creator Damon Lindelof had been receiving some pretty terrible hate in the wake of the widely-acclaimed Breaking Bad series finale. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof just wants you to know: he doesn’t care what you think about the LOST finale any more. He. Is. Over it.

After being asked to write a post-Breaking Bad column for THR, Lindelof praised the AMC show for its’ “spectacular storytelling,”  and said he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to praise it. But after watching the BrBa finale, Lindelof found that his column became much more introspective:

 I agreed to write this piece because I am deeply and unhealthily obsessed with finding ways to revisit the LOST finale and the maddening hurricane of shit that has followed it.

And this morning? I am Walter White. Arrogant. Conceited. Selfish. Entitled. Looking for ways to blame everything and everyone but myself, even though it is perfectly clear the situation I find myself in is of my own making. And here’s the worst part: I’m still naive enough to believe I can attain some level of redemption.

While admitting that his article was originally about how the brilliance of the BrBa finale, Lindelof realized no one would want to hear his opinion, given how everyone thinks he spectacularly botched the ending of LOST. Calling his compulsive need to defend the LOST finale an “addiction,” Lindelof goes on to say that it’s just a defence mechanism for him to avoid the elephant in the room; or, at the very least, to let people know he’s okay with it.

Done with feeling “pathetic” and “narcissistic” in his desire to acknowledge and repeal fan hate for the LOST finale, Lindelof has finally decided it’s time to move on. He won’t bring it up anymore if you won’t. But, just one last thing:

I stand by the Lost finale. It’s the story that we wanted to tell, and we told it. No excuses. No apologies. I look back on it as fondly as I look back on the process of writing the whole show. And while I’ll always care what you think, I can’t be a slave to it anymore. Here’s why:

I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image via Ewan Roberts)

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