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Things We Saw Today: Han Shot First and Now That Star Wars Scene Was Changed Again?


Han Solo in Star Wars

Han Solo and Greedo shooting at each other has been a hot topic amongst Star Wars fans for a long, long time, and it looks like Disney decided to add fuel to that fire with Disney+. When we tune in to watch the Star Wars franchise once more, we can resume this debate because Disney just couldn’t let a dying horse go.

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In the iconic scene, originally, no one knew who shot first though it seemed to be Han, then edits made it seem like it was Greedo, and then George Lucas, in his infinite wisdom (that’s sarcasm) decided to make it clear that Han Solo shot first. Ends the debate right? Wrong. Now, apparently, Greedo just says “Maclunkey” as he dies and there are no subtitles. What does it mean? I’m going with “Han Solo is not your idea of a strong alpha male figure. He’s a hermit who just follows the people he loves around like a puppy.” Greedo gets it.

I say this as a die-hard Star Wars fan and a lover of Han Solo: does it really matter who shot first? That time in the Star Wars universe was filled with those who would constantly turn on you in a drop of a hat and, as we saw with Lando Calrissian, sometimes it felt like you couldn’t even trust your friends. So if Han really did shoot first then great, he was protecting himself. If Greedo did, great, he was protecting himself. And now Greedo yelling “MACLUNKEY” as he dies? Guess he loves Macaulay Culkin.

What’s great about this entire thing is that Twitter has promptly lost their collective minds over this. With a mix of what Maclunkey means to just mocking the change, it is truly the best part of this entire situation.

(image: LucasFilm)

Here are some other stories we saw:

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Anything we missed out there today, Mary Suevians? Let us know in the comments below!

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