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Things We Saw Today: Leslye Headland Talks Joining the Legacy of LucasFilm

Leslye Headland

Star Wars has begun to listen to many of us fans when we ask to have people other than just straight white men behind the camera. For years, that is all we had, but now, they’re bringing us stories from creators like Taika Waititi, Deborah Chow, and Leslye Headland, and I can’t wait to see what these new Star Wars stories hold for us.

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Headland, who co-created Russian Doll and directed/wrote movies like Sleeping With Other People and Bachelorette, talked with Entertainment Weekly about being one of two women to take on a Star Wars story and what that means for the legacy of LucasFilm:

It’s shocking to hear that to me. Although I know it’s true because there are so few of us that are allowed to sit at the table, so to speak, and many, many more that are still not allowed. It’s an honor in the sense that I feel incredibly grateful and lucky. I also would say that… I think [author] Fran [Lebowitz] would agree with this, that a lot of this business is luck. A lot of it is.

She went on to talk about how a lot of this business is people helping each other to reach their goals and strive towards them:

The number one way to get into the room is when people send the elevator back down for you. The real joy is when I read a young woman’s script, or a young woman of color’s script, or a young LGBTQ writer and say, ‘Oh my God, this is great. This is great. I’m going to send this off to this person. You know who I know would love this? It is so and so. I’m going to send that to that person.’ I don’t say that in an altruistic way or yay me, or I’m a good person. I’m saying that actually makes me happy.

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Here are some other stories we saw today:

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  • Ready Player Two is set to come out, and … haven’t we suffered enough? (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Trump wants to display statues at future rallies now? (via ABC)

Anything we missed, Mary Suevians? Let us know what you saw in the comments below!

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