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Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt Had a Night out at the Golden Globes and Gave Us All Life


Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope

There are few shows that hit me the way that Parks and Recreation did. To this day, I cannot hear the phrase “I love you and I like you” without promptly bursting into tears so a picture of Amy Poehler and Adam Scott hanging out together at the Golden Globes? It’s making me emotional.

For those of you who have the beauty of watching the entire series of Parks and Recreation yet before you, let me briefly tell you about the story of Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). For the first few seasons of the show, Leslie was often played as the woman who no man really took seriously. The few boyfriends she did have often mocked aspects of her or just laughed at her overzealous nature. Ben Wyatt, while off to a rocky start with Leslie, never really tried to change her or made fun of her. Instead, he loved all those aspects of her.

It was a love that was wholesome, beautiful, and one of the healthier relationships depicted on television in a long while. So since the show has come to an end, I’ve been crying over the loss of Leslie and Ben on my television week after week, and I’m not alone.

Maybe it’s just because I miss Parks and Recreation with my whole soul, or maybe it’s because we all need a show like Parks in 2020, but seeing Amy Poehler and Adam Scott together has stirred up feelings in us all, and now we’re flocking to Twitter to cry about the relationship that is the epitome of “goals.”

Can Amy Poehler and Adam Scott go and make another show together? Can we have Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope back? I feel like 2020 needs it.

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