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Watching Leslie Jones Discover Black Panther, A.K.A. “Cat Dude,” Will Change Your Life

"My fucking...literally...exploding at this moment."


Here’s the thing we geeks need to remember, both about the muggle/mundane/normies out there and about each other. For everything you think “everyone knows about,” there are countless people who’ve never heard of that before. That thing you love that you assume is fundamental to our pop culture fabric is someone else’s new experience. Case in point: Leslie Jones learning about Black Panther.

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A couple of nights ago, Jones was watching Captain America: Civil War at home, and while she must be at least a big enough fan of Marvel to care about watching this movie, she clearly only knows the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because when Black Panther appears on screen for the first time, she is absolutely flummoxed. And of course, we on social media got to bask in her discovery via her video posts.

I wished I could’ve been in the room with her watching her love this so much. You know who else she loved? Chadwick Boseman. How could she not? You’ve seen this man, right? Some might think her reaction to seeing T’Challa unmasked was a little over the top. I thought it was ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE, BECAUSE LOOK AT THAT MAN.

Later on, she assessed T’Challa’s mood thusly:

That’s pretty much T’Challa’s default position, Leslie. He’s not exactly known for being a laugh riot. But he’s still amazing.

Several people commenting on her social media expressed their desire for Jones to do commentary on every film, and I think that would be amazing. Seriously, any studio producing a film right now, make sure that when it’s time for the home entertainment release that you have a Leslie Jones commentary track. In fact, if you’re re-releasing an older movie for an anniversary, add a Leslie Jones commentary track for the anniversary special edition!

This would be you doing your part to make the world a better place.

(via io9, image via screencap)

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