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Let’s All Celebrate Lena Headey’s Birthday With a Poetical Tribute to Drunk Cersei

Don't act surprised here.

drunk cersei

Happy birthday to our favorite drunk royal (and one of our favorite people, let’s be honest) Lena Headey. I could have let this occasion go by unremarked upon, disappearing into the sands of time for another year. Or. I could write a poem about Drunk Cersei, complete with gifs, as all poems should be. I think you know what I chose.

Home of kings and
Crying for the night for power,
   for glory,
   for a mother’s love,
   for a lover’s kiss.
Drunk Cersei.

drunk cersei

…or Drunk Cer…me?
Drunk CerWE gaze as those who would defy us,
the sycophants, the murderers, the
     l u s t
         f u l
                b a d g e r s*


         In our mind’s eye!
    in our blind eye!


ever watchful, ever waiting
All Alone but for the



and the whining whiners
may they Drunk Cerflee
      FROM ME!
Drunk Cersei.

cersei idgaf

Drunk CerGEE!
We can all Drunk CerBe!

cersei 3

On bended Drunk CerKnee


*Yeah, I know none of the major houses have badgers as their animal. I just wanted to use the phrase “lustful badgers.” So sue me.

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