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This LEGO Version of The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere is a Little Easier To Watch

But it may also scar you for life.

Strong: Warning for spoilers of The Walking Dead season 7, obviously.

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Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead kicked off season seven with a lot of pain, angst and death for some of our favorite characters. While I chose not to watch the premiere as it aired, one swipe through my Twitter feed clued me in to what my friends were reacting to–and when I had the opportunity to view the episode for myself later on, I found that it was just as miserable as I had imagined it would be.

There were a lot of varying reactions to the episode on Twitter–while my feed was full of people who didn’t enjoy it at all, others thought it was merely par for the course when doing a show about a zombie apocalypse. In truth, it may have been one of the most divisive Walking Dead episodes in the history of the series, and with the next episode all set to air tonight on AMC it’ll be interesting to see who’s returning to tune in and who’s sworn off TWD for good.

If you aren’t necessarily able to get through the episode–or you want to rewatch those death scenes without having to watch them per se, YouTube user kristo499 has put together a LEGO stop-animation video of the two big death scenes from last week’s episode. If you’ve been trying to avoid spoilers, I wouldn’t recommend watching it–because they are literally the two biggest spoilers about who got killed off.

Considering what it depicts, this LEGO version is… surprisingly innocent? Then again, it’s difficult to make LEGOs look too scary, but just a heads-up: some parts are kind of gnarly.

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