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Car Insurance Commercial Remade With LEGO Proves Everything Is Better When Remade With LEGO

Why isn't everything in my life made of LEGO?

We get a lot of emails that are obvious ploys by companies to try to fool us into posting a commercial for them under the guise of it being interesting content. Well guess what, sometimes it works. They remade the above boring insurance commercial with LEGO and now we love them and their little robot Brian.

That commercial with all those boring humans is not interesting. Sure, there’s a robot, but I don’t know. It’s boring. A bunch of jerk kids being jerks about cars or something? Who cares? But swap the whole scene out for LEGO, and I’m suddenly 100% on board. Take a look at the much better LEGO version below.

Other companies, please follow suit! Your commercials are stupid and boring and everybody hates watching them. Make everything out of LEGO. Everything.

The robot has a Twitter handle if you’re a British person with car insurance needs and a penchant for robots, maybe give it a follow. Or not. This isn’t an actual plug for the company, so do whatever you want. I don’t care. I just want everything to be LEGO.

What you should absolutely do is go to the LEGO website and learn about things like “Step on a LEGO Brick Insurance” and info on whether or not you should insure your LEGO collection.


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