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THANK THE SPIRITS: Legend of Korra‘s Moving to Digital, Says Series Creator

The Boulder is rejuvenated! Or still dead, possibly.


Good news, everyone! The reports of Korra’s death have been greatly exaggerated, as Bryan Konietzko clarified on his Tumblr page. While the episodes have still been pulled from Nickelodeon’s regular schedule, apparently they will be moving to digital streaming.

As Konietzko says, we’ll know more from him once San Diego Comic-Con really begins to get underway this weekend. Until then, at least this picture of Korra is really adorable. She looks so much kind of like a Peanuts character that I can hear the sad Charlie Brown music playing. It okay, Korra! Don’t be cry! You’re not going anywhere yet!

(via Bryan Konietzko, hat tip to Lisa Bryant on Facebook)

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