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Stop Body Shaming 2.0: The Noah Centineo Edition

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Hello, it’s me, the girl who seems to constantly have to remind everyone that body-shaming anyone, men included, is wrong. Let’s look at Noah Centineo, Twitter’s newest boyfriend and star of literally all of Netflix. America’s boyfriend posted a shirtless picture that looks like everything we would deem “peak ’90s” and is adorable. The problem? Trolls took to it as an opportunity to say that he has “let himself go.”

That’s already an invalid point just … looking at Centineo in the picture, but that’s not the reason this kind of trolling needs to stop. Words can be extremely hurtful things that can trigger someone and send them into an unhealthy tailspin. Let’s put into perspective what happened when I decided to yell at those body shaming Jason Momoa.

I posted the article, telling people to not body shame, and someone went to my Instagram, found a picture of me with my family on vacation, and said something along the lines of understanding why I was big on “not body shaming” and called me fat. Want to know the fun part about that situation? I used to not eat, go to the gym and run until I couldn’t anymore, and still, I felt fat. I grew and learned to love my body in my own way, but still, that comment sent me into a week of not eating and stressing over how I looked.

So adopt that same idea and think about all the celebrities we’ve talked about throughout the years—all those women you’ve seen in movies and thought something negative about their body. It sucks and it’s terrible. We’ve, at least, started to realize that as a society and have stepped back, encouraging women to love their bodies and live healthy lifestyles.

It seems, however, that there’s still plenty of room for progress, and that includes men. I don’t know who these people are looking at actors like Jason Momoa or Noah Centineo and thinking they have the right to comment on their bodies at all, but it simply isn’t okay.

In case you all wanted to know what picture this was on, because looking at pictures of Noah Centineo without a shirt on leads you down a rabbit hole of “HOW IS THIS KID BEING BODY SHAMED?” it was a simple picture of Centineo having fun.


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Mom I’ll be home in May

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From there, the comments turned to trolls being trolls. If said trolls want to call themselves his “fans,” they can turn around and leave because these comments are just to get attention and called out and have some kind of “fame” from being an a-hole.

Look, here’s the thing: I’m so f**king tired. The world needs to look at what they’re saying, think about how they’d think if someone said that about them, and then go, “Hmmmm maybe I shouldn’t do this.” It’s so exhausting having to yell about why shit like this isn’t okay. If you’re old enough to be on the internet, then you’re old enough to know that commenting on someone’s body in a negative way isn’t okay.

Want to say someone looks really good? Do it; promote body love. Think someone looks less than your ideal? Shut up.

Spread some love today, for yourself or for others, and maybe go watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and watch how adorable Noah Centineo is.

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