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Is This Really Leaked Avengers 4 Promotional Art?

Thanos in Invinity War

Despite set pics that have fueled internet speculation for months, we still know very little about Avengers 4, but a movie event of that size will inevitably come with a similarly massive marketing push, and that’s likely to provide some fodder for our overactive imaginations. In fact, it may have done so already, if art making the rounds on the internet is, indeed, the real deal.

Fair warning to jump off this hype train now if you’re at all worried about spoilers, although there’s not likely to be much here that we won’t find out through more official means before the movie’s release anyway.

Still here? OK, here’s what we’ve got:

If it’s official (and there’s no guarantee that it is, but this appears to be the source), the makeup of the Avengers team is about what we’d expect after the dust settled at the end of Infinity War. We’re basically back down to the core Avengers with a few new additions, including Rocket, Ant-Man, Nebula, and most notably, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, who we’ve yet to see on the screen in person, although we saw Nick Fury reach out to her for help in Infinity War’s post-credits scene. We’ve known she would show up in Avengers 4 for some time, but we still have unanswered questions about her appearance there, like, “Where has she been all this time?”

Her solo movie, which debuts only months before Avengers 4, will likely answer that question when it takes us back to the ’90s. But that’s not all that’s notable about this image. Most of the characters are sporting new looks, with a clean-shaven Cap, an apparently upgraded War Machine, and Hulk wearing clothes. Cap’s uniform also more closely resembles his classic one, which we’ve seen in A4 set photos, than the one he donned in Infinity War, although it’s not so different that it couldn’t just be some artistic license on the IW look:

captain america in avengers infinity war

Hulk’s change is probably the biggest, as it hints at the continuation of his Infinity War storyline, in which the Hulk refused to come out and fight. Whatever the reason there (personally, I think he was feeling grumpy after flat out losing a fight for once), it seems to hint that Bruce Banner and the Hulk will talk out their differences and meet some kind of compromise, resulting in a take on a “Professor Hulk” that has the best aspects of both personas. With Thanos outmatching the Hulk’s sheer power with more refined fighting skills in the opening scene of Infinity War, a Hulk that can use his strength more thoughtfully seems like an ideal addition to the team right now.

As for the location, the backdrop is likely more about tone than it is about a specific place, but at least parts of Avengers 4 are likely to happen off of planet Earth, which is probably part of the inspiration. The Avengers team art was accompanied by an image of Thanos in full armor, holding a sword that has reminded people of the one he wielded in a pre-Infinity War LEGO set. None of that is likely to save him from the Avengers’ fury at losing so many of their friends, let alone half of humanity and the entire universe.

So what do you think? Is this really leaked promotional art, or does it line up so well with what we might expect, while containing nothing truly Earth-shattering, because it’s a fan-made hoax? Whatever the case, we all thought avoiding spoilers for Infinity War was hard, the lengthy wait for Avengers 4 is going to be on another level.

(images: Marvel Entertainment)

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