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Does the Latest Avengers: Endgame Teaser Imply the Gang Is Splitting Up?

I'm so excited and also scared.

Avengers: Endgame poster art

We’re two weeks out from the most anticipated film of the year, and everyone’s getting ready to spend three hours weeping into their popcorn. Marvel just dropped the latest teaser for the film that might actually tease some of the plot, though we know the Russo brothers and their marketing teams do like to make us think something is happening when it’s not necessarily going to happen.

This trailer is narrated by Steve, as he gives an inspiring speech to a group of gathered Avengers in their quantum realm suits. He makes it clear: they know their missions and they don’t get a do-over, so look out for each other. “It’s the fight of our lives,” Steve says, and hell, even Rocket is impressed.

This one seems a little spoiler-y, though as I said above, the Russos are masters of deception. This entire scene could be a fake-out. Who knows? I wouldn’t put anything past Marvel trying to throw us off the metaphorical scent this close to the final product being released. For all we know, Steve Rogers could die in the first twenty minutes and this could be a way to throw us off the scent.

We don’t know for sure that Steve is dying. However, the emphasis is being placed on both him and Tony in marketing, and we know that this is very likely Chris Evans’s final ride as Cap. As Tony says, part of the journey is the end. We are at Steve’s end, and whether or not he gets a happy ending or a heroic death we don’t know. It’s easy to assume though, that I will cry when he does shuffle off his mortal coil.

This trailer also seems to imply that the team will be splitting up for their mission. We’ve theorized about the quantum realm and time travel, so here’s my theory: part of the gang is going back in time to key moments to change the past to make sure Thanos never gets the stones. Whether it’s by getting the stones themselves or changing the past, they’re on a mission to prevent death from happening before it happens at all.

These Avengers will travel back in time, either in pairs or on their own, to fix the past. This is why they’re all splitting up and why Steve is giving them a big pep talk prior to the quantum fun times. This means that each team will get their own specific mission and plot, which in turn means that we’ll likely get more from each of the heroes. Hopefully, the long runtime and individual arcs means we get a little something from everyone, rather than someone getting sidelined.

We know that Steve, Tony, Natasha, Rhodey, Rocket, Nebula, and Scott are definitely all going back in time in their kind of hideous quantum realm suits. Will Caro, and Thor join them? We haven’t seen them in their suits yet, and I’m wondering if part of the splitting up doesn’t involve Carol and Thor heading elsewhere on a mission. Maybe they’re facing off against Thanos as the strongest Avengers?

Similarly, where is Bruce Banner, either as himself or the Hulk or the in-between Professor Hulk? We know the Hulk shows up, so what is he doing?

This could also answer a marketing mystery from Infinity War. The final shot of the first trailer for Infinity War was of Steve, T’Challa, Okoye, and Bucky leading a Wakandan army into battle, with Sam flying overhead and the Hulk in tow. This wasn’t on the plains outside the capital city but in the wooded area where Vision had his last stand. Is that a shot that the Russos threw in from Endgame to throw us off? Will Steve’s final stand be in Wakanda?

This a lot of theorizing to come out of a short teaser, but we only have two more weeks of speculation left. Soon, we’ll know exactly what fate awaits our favorite heroes. At least we’ll always have Phase One, right?

(image: Marvel)

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