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Did You Know That Late Night‘s Amber Ruffin Was Totally in Black Panther (Sort Of)?

There was apparently a pretty major cameo cut from Marvel’s Black Panther. At least, there was according to Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Amber Ruffin. Who was cut? Ruffin herself! Which is why she “hated” the movie so much that she only saw it four times.

In the clip above, Ruffin explains that she actually had a pretty sizable role in the film, but it got cut, leaving a sour taste in her mouth. We then get to see the deleted scene in which she apparently plays a Wakandan chief who’s really concerned about the building of a Wakandan water park (“It’s so hot.”) and who’s so over W’Kabi (“This guy. Always with the ‘dead parents.'”).

What’s cool about the segment is that, while the footage is obviously fake and cut into the actual film, it looks really good and is matched really flawlessly. I kind of would like to live in the alternate universe where Wakanda has this one really wacky chief, consumed with thoughts of a water park, who ends up joining the fight against Killmonger just because she hates W’Kabi so damn much.

Ruffin forever!

(via Late Night With Seth Meyers on YouTube, image: screencap/NBC)

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