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Last Week Tonight Tears Apart the Terrible “American Health Care Act” That No One—On Either Side—Likes


When John Oliver started Last Week Tonight, a weekly comedy news recap seemed like it worked with a pretty appropriate timeframe. Having a generally well-liked president, even if the world still had plenty of room for improvement, was kind of boring. Then, nearly half of voters revolted against sanity, and now there’s almost too much to cover even if you have 24 hours per day to do it, so a week kind of seems like a lot these days.

By now, we’ve already gone through several news cycles of conservative pundits being confused that their party is actually as bad as we all tried to tell them, derision for the poor, and Paul Ryan PowerPoint memes. It was a long week. That can be a bit disorienting, so let John Oliver sum everything up for you in last night’s segment on the healthcare bill that everybody hates—not to be confused with the World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017, a very real thing that a GOP member of congress has introduced and not a joke from this clip. Really.

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