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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Haters Get Exactly What They Wanted From How It Should Have Ended


Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a fairly polarizing movie. Whether or not it has quite as many detractors as the possibly misleading Rotten Tomatoes audience score indicates, those who didn’t like it seem to have really disliked it, with multiple specific things they wish were handled differently. Those people are in luck: The Last Jedi edition of How It Should’ve Ended addresses almost all of those things head on.

But it also subtly mocks some of the complaints, which might be lost on some viewers who are preoccupied with feeling like this has vindicated their point of view. It’s no coincidence that whiny, angry Kylo is the one grousing about Luke’s never-before-seen Force abilities. When Rey finds out she’s a Kenobi, Anakin shows up to join in the fun of meaningful familial relationships, and things get silly pretty quickly. Snoke gets his important backstory, but it’s incredibly irrelevant to what’s actually happening in the movie. The plan to escape the First Order is bluntly explained to head off Poe’s confusion, but Poe was also the only one assuming there was no plan and freaking out in the first place.

A movie that had turned out more like this might’ve led to fewer arguments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would’ve been a better movie.

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