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Do Jedis Get Paid? Is Kelly Marie Tran Real? The Last Jedi Cast Answers the Internet’s Most-Searched Questions

Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast members John Boyega, Laura Dern, Domhnall Gleeson, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and Kelly Marie Tran got together to answer “the web’s most searched questions” about themselves, their characters, and Star Wars lore. Wired determines the “most searched questions” using Google Autocomplete suggestions, so the AI-approved grammar of these sentences is often part of the humor.

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The questions include:

  • Do Jedi choose their lightsaber colors?
    “Samuel L. Jackson does! He said, ‘I want a purple one,’ and he got one, because he’s Samuel L. Jackson.”
  • How do I become a Jedi?
  • What Star Wars about?
    Star Wars about love, Star Wars about hate.”
  • How is Mark Hamill doing?
    “I’m having the time of my life!”
  • “Why did John Boyega have American accent?”
    “It didn’t suit, my [own British] accent, when I went in to go and do it. It just didn’t work out. I went to read for it, and it was a horrible first audition. I can’t lie. But when I did it with the American accent, it just worked. It was just better.”
  • How Rey beat Kylo Ren?
    “Why is that so hard for people to get? Like, she’s super strong and he’s, like, so weak.”
  • How are Rey and Luke connected?
    “By a long-ass stair at the end of Force Awakens.”
  • Why Luke Skywalker is the most powerful Jedi?
    “Probably the process of elimination. Who’s left?”
  • Was Finn a clone?
    “Very good question! No. He isn’t. The Storm Troopers are not clone troopers anymore. They’re Storm Troopers now, right. They’re the normal ones. So they’re recruited as children. They’re taken as babies and then brainwashed.”
  • Is Kelly Marie Tran real?

Of course, we still have a few more days to wait before our more sincere, spoilerific questions can be answered when The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017. But I have to love the glorious compendium of weirdo human curiosity that Google has provided.

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