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Lady Thor To Make Her Video Game Debut In Marvel Puzzle Quest


marvel puzzle quest

“Hey, can you cover this so I can both praise and rant about MPQ in the comments?,” wrote the anonymous tipster who sent us this link. Absolutely, nonnie. We live to serve.

We might not know a lot about the female character who took on the mantle of Thor in Thor #1, out on Wednesday (read our review here). Like, for example, her name or anything. But we do know she’s flying into the gaming world with D3Publisher and Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Puzzle Quest, a free puzzle game for iOS and Android devices (plus PCs). In honor of its first anniversary, reads the official press release, Marvel Puzzle Quest,

will be the first Marvel video game to feature the brand new character, Thor: Goddess of Thunder. Thor: Goddess of Thunder will be a legendary (4 star) character reward for Season VII and all players will be able to test her powers in a battle starting on October 17.

There are huger games the Goddess of Thunder could be in, sure, but I personally think it’s pretty cool that Marvel recognized the significance of the character enough to have her in something a mere two days after her comics debut. It just remains to be seen whether they’re going to keep moving forward on that path. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it probably won’t hurt if the new Thor series gets bonkers sales numbers, so you go do your part and vote with your wallet, if you haven’t already.

If you want to see what Marvel Puzzle Quest is all about (yeah, I know it doesn’t cost money unless you want to make in-game purchases, but phone storage space is an issue for a lot of people, myself included—I’m not going to download any app if it means I have to delete my collection of ’80s and ’90s one-hit wonders), there will be a Marvel Puzzle Quest booth (#347) at next weekend’s New York Comic Con, where the game will available to try out on tablets and PCs (though without Lady Thor, I’d imagine, as she’s not being added until the Friday after). So go do that… if you’re not too busy attending one or more of our three panels. Hint hint.

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