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Here’s Lady Gaga in a Flying Dress Because Okay, Sure [Video]

You'll believe a pop star can fly!

We might not have commercially available jetpacks just yet, but of course that hasn’t stopped Lady Gaga from deciding that she needs an extra-fashionable version of one for her very own. Meet Volantis, the flying dress that we’re pretty sure she named after the place that Robb Stark’s wife is from in Game of Thrones. You can’t convince us otherwise.

Gaga unveiled the dress on Sunday night at at a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, just prior to the kick-off of her Jeff Koons-led artRAVE exhibit. We especially like how she thanks everyone in this video for coming “all the way out to Brooklyn,” as if Brooklyn isn’t a place where people live already. Then again, is Gaga aware that there’s even more Manhattan above 114th street? Probably not.

In all seriousness and putting aside any feelings of resentment you might have against Lady Gaga’s behavior in the past, this is a pretty neat machine. It was built by TechHaus, the tech division of Gaga’s production team (of course she has a tech division. Of course), and is completely battery operated, because you know how pop stars care so much about making things green and all.

And yes, before you jump at us in the comments: yes, we know Robb doesn’t marry a Volantean girl in the books. Like Lady Gaga has enough time to read books anyway, right? She’s too busy smearing makeup all over her face and smoking pot all the time, or whatever it is that the pop stars are doin’ nowadays.

(via Billboard and GossipCop, video via Viral Viral Videos)

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