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Everyone Stop Whining About How The Future Promised Us Jetpacks: They’re Soon To Be Commercially Available

Nevermind the complicated pocket computer I use for a phone! I want to hover off the ground!


No matter how many amazing gadgets we create as a society, people are always going to complain that we’re not making ones exactly like those that they saw on The Jetsons 60 years ago. “Where are my flying cars?” They sniffle. “Where’s my robot maid? Where’s my jetpack?” Well, shut up, nerds. Your jetpack is coming. in fact, it’s only a year away.

Martin Jetpack, a New Zealand-based company run by Glenn Martin, has finally revelaed the latest prototype of their jetpack, the P12. The company says that the first models of this device will be ready for purchase in mid-2014, and will be commercially available in all markets by 2015.

Although it looks less like your stereotypical tiny backpack-sized pack and more like… well, like a jet engine that you strap onto yourself (though it’s not actually a jet engine — it’s actually propelled by ducted fans), the P12 can do all the things you’ve always wanted your jetpack to  do. It’s got a max flight time of 30 minutes and can go up to 46 miles per hour, but is more comfortable doing 25 mph instead. It also can travel up to 3,000 feet, though the recommended height is 500. Apparently, flying any lower won’t give enough time for the safety systems to work. You know, sort of like how falling cats who don’t have enough time to right themselves get hurt more than those who start out at higher altitudes.

However, you also need to have quite a bit of bread in the bank for one of these suckers — between $150,ooo and $250,000 just to get your hands in the jetpack itself, as well as even more money for the premium gas you’ll need, all the extra flying equipment and accessories you’ll want, and a sports license. Martin has also publicly sated that he wants first responders like police officers and firefighters to have a shot at the first models before all the tycoons and billionaires snap them up. Martin, do you know how much money career firefighters make? It’s not a whole lot. You should probably just market them all to the tycoons.

Martin has been woriking on building his own jetpack for the past 30 years. Aptly, the P12 is the 12th model his company has produced.

Want to see it in action? Of course you do.

(via TechCrunch image via Martin Jetpack)

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