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OK but When Did Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Dog Have Time to Star in Lady and the Tramp?

Lady and the Tramp

An icon among Disney fans, Lady and the Tramp is a love story for the ages. Two dogs from different backgrounds falling in love? Brilliant, beautiful, and also, they share a plate of pasta, so we can’t help but love it. The 1955 cartoon features Tramp, a stray dog without a family, helping Lady, the beloved pet of Jim and Darling Dear, win back the love of her owners. Instead, the two fall in love, and in a subsequent sequel, Lady and Tramp have their own little family.

This new trailer for the upcoming, seemingly shot-for-shot remake Lady and the Tramp (coming to Disney+) shows Lady’s enemy, the cat, and more of her family.

To be honest, I cried. I don’t know, I love a good love story, and throw dogs into the mix, and I’m a goner, especially because this remake cast an actual rescue dog as Tramp—a rather familiar-looking one at that!

Just kidding; his name is Monte, but Lin-Manuel Miranda does have a good point. Tobi, who became famous from Miranda’s tweets about him, does happen to look a lot like Monte, and who knows? Maybe Monte and Tobi are not that different, and Tobi is just lying to Lin-Manuel Miranda when he calls to check in on his furry friend.

Miranda went on to give an official statement from his dog:

Tobi, a real star. What if we orchestrated a bit Twitter thing and got Tobi and Monte in the same room together and reunited these long-lost dog brothers? Does that work for dogs? Do they miss their siblings? I don’t know; I’m assuming dogs have a lot of feelings for their fellow dog family.

But anyway, I spent the morning crying over Lady and the Tramp as if the animated version is not, seemingly, the exact same. What can I say? I love a good “two doggos fall in love” story! The trailer is cute, it seems to be sticking pretty close to the original (minus the racist cats storyline), and it doesn’t seem to be too scary with the talking dog mouths. It also helps that we’re essentially watching Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson fall in love as if they were dogs, and that seems like a wonderfully fun time.

(image: Disney)

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