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Kulula Air’s Sick New Redesign Covers Plane With Witty Labels

Kulula Air, a small airline based in South Africa, has recently revamped their planes in a clever new fashion: by painting them bright green and covering them with witty, self-referential labels. On the engines: “Engine #1” and “Engine #2 (26,000 pounds of thrust).” Near the black box: “black box (which is actually orange).”

Their planes used to have funky military paint jobs, but we think you’ll agree that this is an upgrade:

Flightstory has the full set of labels, including:

  • seats (better than taxi seats)
  • some windows = kulula fans (the coolest peeps in the world)
  • black box (which is actually orange)
  • landing gear (comes standard with supa-fly mags)
  • back door (no bribery/corruption here)
  • tail (featuring an awesome logo)
  • loo (or mile-high club initiation chamber)
  • rudder (the steering thingy)

More pics below:

(images via Shanairpic’s Flickr. h/t Flightstory)

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