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Krysten Ritter Wants a Don’t Trust the B– Revival, and So Do the Rest of Us! Please, and Thank You!

James Van Der Beek, Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker, 'Don't Trust the B-- in Apt. 23'
Jessica Jones star, Krysten Ritter, made her one and only convention appearance for the year at this weekend’s Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas. Among other things, she brought up the fact that she would love to reunite with the cast of the other show for which she was the titular protagonist: Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23.

During a fan Q&A at Comicpalooza, Ritter responded to a fan question about whether she’d be into revisiting the now-cult classic Don’t Trust the B–, and she said she would, citing the fact that so many shows are being revived for new outlets and audiences now. “They’re reviving so many shows now,” Ritter explains. “We’re always trying to find ways to do that.”

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For the uninitiated, Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 was created by Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off the Boat) and starred Ritter, James Van Der Beek (as himself!), and Dreama Walker in a half-hour comedy that aired on ABC from 2012-2013. Though it had two seasons, the final eight episodes were never aired, and were only available for streaming online.

James Van Der Beek, Krysten Ritter, and Dreama Walker in "Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23"

In it, Walker played June, a young woman who makes the move from small-town Indiana to New York City to pursue a career in finance, only to have her situation blow up in her face and end up moving in with Ritter’s titular “B–,” Chloe, a hard-partying woman (and sociopath) who seems to make money Lord-knows-how, and both ruins June’s life and seems to be the best thing that ever happened to it. Also, Chloe is friends with James Van Der Beek, who plays himself on this show in one of the best comedic performances of the past decade. I firmly stand by that.

Ritter elaborated on her desire to do more Don’t Trust the B– saying, “Obviously I’m doing Jessica Jones now and that is my love and my priority and it takes up a lot of time, so it’s a scheduling thing, but we’re always kind of trying to find ways to do it. So fingers crossed. Tweet about it. Netflix, make it happen! Tweet it to life.”

I have to admit that when it was airing, I stayed far away, because the title is horrible. However, once I started watching it on Netflix, I fell in absolute love. It’s smart, hilarious, was female-created, centers on female friendship, and allows its nuanced female characters to be hugely flawed with zero apologies. Also, if there’s any doubt that women can “do comedy,” sit whatever jerk down who said that with episodes of this show. Make sure to provide them with cutlery so that they can eat their words.

Well, you heard Ritter. TWEET AWAY. There are plenty of shows that were fine the first time and don’t need a revival. In the case of Don’t Trust the B–, we have a show that was cut down in its prime that deserves another shot. Make it happen, Netflix! You can do it!

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