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Kristen Stewart Takes Down Trump, Awesomely Declares She’s ‘So Gay, Dude’ On Saturday Night Live


This weekend, Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live in what ended up being one of the best episodes of the season. The episode has been getting a lot of attention, mostly for Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer sketch (in which Stewart only had one line), but the opening monologue should not be ignored. And I’m not even talking about the moment Stewart accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live television.

Stewart dedicated most of her monologue to talking about that time Trump wouldn’t stop tweeting about her relationship with Robert Pattinson. She gets that Trump isn’t the biggest fan of hers, though she speculates it’s more because he’s in love with Pattinson than opposed to her. She follows up that sentiment with more reasons why she thinks Trump doesn’t like her, though–particularly that she is now hosting SNL (which he has publicly denounced) and, of course, the fact that she is, as she puts it, “so gay, dude.”

This is being called Stewart’s “coming out” by many, since even though she’s never been ashamed of her relationships, she also isn’t known for commenting on them.

Later in the episode, the show followed up on Stewart’s unabashed declaration of sexuality with a new take on their annual Totino’s Super Bowl sketch, featuring Vanessa Bayer trying to keep her “Hungry Guys” fed during the big game. This time, though, she quickly forgets all about her hungry guys and instead gets sucked into a passionate affair with Stewart’s “Sabine.” Watch now if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

It’s a hilarious, unexpected sketch made great by the fact that it in no way ever feels like the relationship between the two is anything but 100% genuine. It’s funny, yes, but the romance–filmed like a high-brow independent film–is clearly not meant for shock value or the male gaze. The story, their liberation, is about and for the women. And when contrasted against the flatly-shot men in the next room calling for pizza rolls, it only emphasizes the respect for the relationship between the two women. They are the comedy, but they’re not the punchline.

Awesomely, even Totino’s was onboard with the sketch.

It shouldn’t be so revolutionary for SNL to take such pride in a host’s LGBTQ pride, but we can still give them props for doing so. There’s a lot that makes us feel held down in the world right now, so at the very least, let’s maybe take a moment to be grateful for a Super Bowl weekend full of politically unafraid commercials, a Gaga Halftime show, and a gay SNL host.

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