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Imagine Telling Kristen Stewart to be LESS Gay for a Marvel Movie. Ugh.

Marvel should be begging for MORE gay.

Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Bayer in Saturday Night Live (1975)

Kristen Stewart, one of the many Aries bisexual prophets who walk this Earth, has been open about her sexuality for a really long time and came out officially as bisexual back in 2017 in an interview with The Guardian. Since she’s been in many same-sex relationships and has continued to have a pretty successful career, with two movies this year: Seberg and the reboot Charlie’s Angels film. Yet, it seems as though some people still want Stewart to play some regressive, celluloid closet games in order to get bigger roles.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the bisexual fire-sign said, “I have fully been told, ‘If you just like do yourself a favour, and don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public, you might get a Marvel movie.”‘

First of all, how dare they? And secondly, they think that Kristen Stewart, who has done mostly small indie movies (even Twilight was initially treated like an indie) would want to conform to anyone else’s standards to be in a big-budget Marvel movie?

I have to laugh gaga gif

Thankfully, Stewart said that she has no interest in working with “people like that,” and quite frankly, she doesn’t need to. Right now, Marvel is rushing to try to get some more diversity in their roster, especially when it comes to LGBT actors and characters, so frankly, they’d be lucky to get Stewart in The Eternals, but I digress.

She went on to say: “I was informed by an old-school mentality, which is—you want to preserve your career and your success and your productivity, and there are people in the world who don’t like you, and they don’t like that you date girls, and they don’t like that you don’t identify as a quote unquote ‘lesbian’, but you also don’t identify as a quote unquote ‘hetero-sexual’. And people like to know stuff, so what the f**k are you?”

Bisexual. Bisexual.

**Grabs megaphone.**


Kristen Stewart says "I'm like so gay dude" on Saturday Night Live.

Between the Miley Cyrus divorce, in which someone on Twitter stated that she was the reason you don’t date “greedy” bisexuals, and this, it feels like, despite having so much expansion of queer identity, people are hung up on bisexuality as if it’s new. Bisexuality: the attraction to your own gender and other genders that are not your own. But most importantly, it’s not something that should have any impact on what Kristen Stewart, as an actress, is hired for in any role that doesn’t pertain to some kind of representation issue.

If they think that fans will care if she were cast as Kitty Pryde while being, in real life, a bisexual woman, then they don’t know that there is a huge market for queer Kitty, but also, that is not how people consume stars these days. People care less about star power and more about seeing a character come to life. You’d think that would be clear after Jennifer Lawrence taking the role of Mystique ended up biting everyone in the ass.

Whomever the person was who told KStew that nonsense, may the Volturi haunt you forever.

(via Yahoo, image: SNL)

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