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Koala Fight Gets Rough

We don’t really know what to say about this YouTube video, other than that we are now deeply terrified of koalas.

It’s like when we found out that when rabbits really, really don’t like something, they scream like foul demons from the deepest pit of Baator.  Or when we read that cougars don’t roar, but they do scream, and then made the mistake of tracking down an internet recording of a sound that reached right down into our hindbrain and yanked on the part that reminds us that we are a soft monkey without teeth or claws whose only defense mechanism is to run.  Right.  Now.

We’re not really sure what we’d do if, while camping in the Australian outback, we woke up to the noises that start at about the :50 mark.  Damn, Australia.  You scary.

Via Neatorama

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