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These Knockoff Halloween Costumes Broke Our Spirits

Why is Mario "That Video Game Guy"?

Look, maybe it’s the brand names that make Halloween costumes so expensive, and so, sometimes, we need knockoff costumes to make them more affordable—but that doesn’t make them any less funny when you look at them and their packaging. Dana Schwartz asked Twitter to share their favorite knockoff costumes, and the responses made for some of the greatest comedy.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of fake Harley Quinns out there in the world, and they’re all terrible, but the lengths that some of these costumes go to in an effort to be just different enough from what they’re ripping off are something else …

Who needs to be Cher from Clueless when you can star as Shar in Notionless?

Well … he’s still the chosen one …

It’s-a me! That guy from that game you like!

Not the stripey dude!

Juice Demon, Juice Demon, Juice Demon!

Sexy Factor Worker doopity doo, I’ve got another puzzle for you.

He’s creepy and he’s cooky.

Katniss Everdeen’s real name is Hungry Rebel Girl.

But does this minion speak a real language, or does he just say “banana” over and over again?

Love a fast blue mouse.

Sure you can be Linda Belcher, but if pressed for time, you can also double this costume as a Velma-from-Scooby Doo look.

Why does this Aladdin have a shirt? Why are we, as a society, adding a shirt? Why is Disney’s live-action Aladdin taking cues from knockoff Halloween costumes?

In all seriousness, there are a lot of problems with this one. Not only is it a Harley Quinn labeled as “Dangerous Girl,” but also, no child should be Harley Quinn…

There’s no place like Kansas …

Hermany Grinder saves the world from Lerd Moldevort with her friends Hairy Porter and Wren Reasley.

Lara Croft This unnamed adventurer is just in it for the treasure.

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