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More Knives Out 2 Set Pics: Ethan Hawke Is in This Now!?

Knives Out title screen.

If you’re like me, you probably just want more Knives Out content in your life. Whether that’s more information about the cast, any sort of storyline tips, or even just a picture of director Rian Johnson on set, we just want some sort of look into the sequel to the hit murder mystery movie. But blessings be to Detective Benoit Blanc, we got all that and more as Knives Out 2 started filming in Greece!

On top of a whole bunch of Greecian holiday vibes, we also got the news that ETHAN HAWKE is now in the movie. That’s right. He came right on over from Moon Knight to be in Knives Out 2 because who doesn’t like a wild Ethan Hawke spotting?!

But now, let’s get in these set pictures. From Kate Hudson in a beautiful dress and large hat to Kathryn Hahn’s ponytail, we got our first looks at a lot of the cast, including Janelle Monáe riding to set rocking a blonde look!

Anyway, this is all of us now until Knives Out 2 comes out:

I can’t wait until they cast the Blue Man Group as the ocean or just have Jason Mantzoukas and Andrea Savage in the corner making jokes about being Greek in it. What all this did was feed my Knives Out and Benoit Blanc loving soul for today, at least. So I can’t wait to see more of what Rian Johnson and company have in store for us all.

(image: Lionsgate)

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