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Knife That Injects Compressed Gas Into Victim

The appropriately-named WASP Injector Knife, from WASP Injection Systems, Inc. — a company that has the disclaimer “WASP Injection Systems, Inc. does not condone the killing of innocent creatures” featured on their homepage — injects its victims with compressed gas once they have been stabbed. The knives, offered in a few styles from a hefty $399.95 to an even heftier $549.95, seem to be a good countermeasure for underwater attacks, as the injected gas is a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, around the size of a basketball, pumped into its victim almost instantly at 800psi, which will supposedly carry its victim to the surface before blood is released into the surrounding water, making it safe for the diver as the released blood wouldn’t attract predators in too close a proximity.

If you wondered how it looked when the knife stabs and injects something, check out the video below of some unfortunate watermelons.

From the video, it would seem the stabber has one shot of gas per knife handle, and based on a picture featured on the product page, the knife comes with three replacement canisters and one can purchase replacement handles which they can preload with gas canisters in order to reload the knife more quickly.

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