I Knew Nothing About Pokémon Before Detective Pikachu but I Would Die for Him

Pikachu looks for clues in the trailer for Detective Pikachu.

Pokémon is a cultural phenomenon that I never happened to get into—not because there wasn’t something for me to enjoy, but because I just associated it with the kids in my neighborhood who hated me. I knew of a few characters and understood their significance to the franchise at large, but that was about it. Sure, that’s weird of me, a self-proclaimed nerd, but listen, I like fluffy things, and Pikachu wasn’t exactly fluffy in the original cartoons.

Now, fast-forward to Detective Pikachu, and I would willingly lay down my life for Pikachu and Psyduck. I mean, also Jigglypuff, because all Jigglypuff does is sing her name in the background of a song as a karaoke singer. A delight!

Sure, I’d seen Pokémon the First Movie and knew about this iconic scene where a song plays about brothers while Pikachu slaps Pikachu.

But, other than that, I knew of some characters but couldn’t tell you what they did or why they even existed. So imagine how fun I was at Detective Pikachu. Truly, a movie that will make everyone fall in love with Pokémon. Here’s the thing: seeing pokémon as living creatures just existing, with jobs? Wonderful.

Squirtle is a firefighter, and Pikachu has a fun little hat. Can you blame me for loving this movie? And maybe it’s a fault of mine that I didn’t know anything about Pokémon before, but that’s why we make things like Detective Pikachu. It’s there to get others involved in the stories and for us to fall in love with the characters. And also it helps that they handed me a fluffy Pikachu in a detectives hat who calls everyone “doll” or “dame.”

I mean sure, yeah, it’s a weird thing that I didn’t know that much before, but at least now I want to learn, right? Give me all the Pikachu content, please and thank you!

(image: Warner Bros.)

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