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This KIT KAT Halloween Costume Lets You Break Away From the Group When You’ve Had Your Fill of People for the Day

Break me off a piece of that.
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Looking for a group costume that you and exactly three friends can awkwardly wear together at whatever Halloween party you’re going to this weekend? Hershey has that “chocolate crispy taste” that’s gonna “make your day” in seven-foot-tall costume form.

Well, kinda.

You can’t go buy the costume, but you can win it in the KIT KAT Halloween sweepstakes that’s going on right now, or at the very least, you can look at the costume and go, “Damn that’s a pretty clever idea.”

“Group costumes can be really hard to choose when you have so many people that need to agree, but luckily everyone loves and can agree on KIT KAT,” said Benita Chang-Godoy, Senior Brand Manager of KIT KAT in a press release about the costume. “It’s time to bring the perfect four-person Halloween costume that is a show-stopper to wear together but also really fun to break apart.”

I’m not sure if we can all agree on KIT KAT, what with there being more flavors than chocolate these days. I saw a cereal flavored KIT KAT out in the wild the other day, and if you can find any of the Japanese flavor options then you’ll be introduced to a whole world of pieces that you will wish to break off.

When it comes to costumed hijinks, though, it’s probably best to stick with the familiar, iconic original so you can get reactions like, “Holy shit you’re an actual KIT KAT bar” before someone inevitably breaks into song.

Not only does the KIT KAT costume come with the four wafers for you and three others of your choosing, but it also comes with a magnetic wrapper you can put around the group. You can also “break” away from the group as the wafers are separate pieces, as to be expected from a candy that you can pull apart into multiple pieces. That means after you take all the required group pictures, you can go and do your own thing, or at least go to the bathroom without having to drag three people with you.

The KIT KAT costume was actually named “Most Creative Four-Person Costume of 2021” by the Halloween & Costume Association, and yes, I was today years old when I found out that there’s a Halloween & Costume Association. “Halloween costumes seem to get more and more creative each year, and 2021 has been no exception,” said Aneisha McMillan, public relations director of the Halloween & Costume Association. “Group costumes are trending, and KIT KAT is turning heads with their new costume, which is large enough to fit four people – how fun!”

KIT KAT separate

In true last-minute Halloween costume fashion, the sweepstakes to win the costume started yesterday and ends tomorrow. Fortunately, it’s really easy to enter. All you have to do is tag three friends/acquaintances/coworkers you can tolerate/”come on I’m trying to win this costume just go with it please” folks you follow on social media, use the hashtag #KitKatSweepstakes, and hope that KIT KAT notices you.

The contest is running on the KIT KAT Instagram and Facebook accounts, just go to the sweepstakes post and reply in the comments. My only request is that if you enter after reading this and win, you 1) find a Home Depot 12 foot skeleton to stand in front of to make it look like he’s about to eat you, and 2) tag me so I can see the picture.

(Image: KIT KAT)

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