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We Want To Stop Doing Everything And Just Play With Kinetic Sand [VIDEO]

It's like being at the beach but approximately one thousand times more awesome than that.

Kinetic Sand is potentially the most enthralling children’s toy we’ve ever seen. It’s like putty, but without the smell or the mess. It sticks to itself. It looks like molten lava, if lava was crumbly and made you happy when you touched it. Just watching the video is soothing. We need to get our hands on some of this, stat.

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From toy company WABA Fun, Kinetic Sand is a mix of sand and polymers, which make the product look and feel like wet beach sand – but is completely dry. Useful in the development of fine motor skills for children, Kinetic Sand has also been used by Occupational Therapists for patients with special needs.

Or, you know, by adults who just really want to play with magic science sand. Just look at it.

(via Geeks are Sexy, photo via YouTube)

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