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There’s A Little Bit Of Faceplanting Oval Office Kid In All Of Us



15179061195_3d00916d6d_zToday has been pretty boring for the non-tech crowd, but White House kid is here to restore our faith in trivial news (and America). On June 23rd, the well-dressed boy pictured above visited the Oval Office to watch Obama thank his father for years in the Secret Service and proceeded to Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer-himself all over the joint.


Since then the perfectly-timed picture has gone viral, and it’s not hard to understand why; who hasn’t had the impulse to throw one’s self down and eat couch out of irreverent boredom and/or disagreement over the POTUS’ foreign policy and/or a Bubble Tape-related sugar high? I hope someone writes a book about this little guy and his White House adventures. He is the Eloise of Capitol Hill.

(via Uproxx, image via The White House on Flickr)

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