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New. Kick-Ass. Red Band. Trailer.

So: Lionsgate has just released a new trailer for Kick-Ass, the awesome-looking real life superhero movie based on the Mark Millar comic of the same name. Be warned: it is a red band, and if you didn’t know that when you read the title of this post, entered your date of birth information, and saw the red band on the fringes, you will when you hear the stream of profanity in the first 10 seconds or so of the trailer.
If you’re not already a Kick-Ass fan or Mark Millar acolyte, it’s hard not to fall in love with the movie at least a little bit when you watch this. (Disclaimer: this past sentence represents the views of an 18-35 demo male.)

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There’s so much to like: Aaron Johnson, who plays the titular high school geek-turned vigilante, showing great comic timing and pulling off a mean New York accent, despite his British birth; Nicolas Cage, in a non-National Treasure role, getting so excited about superheroism that he teams up with his 11-year-old daughter to fight crime; the scene in which Kick-Ass’ exploits get uploaded to YouTube, to the tune of Joan Jett‘s “Bad Reputation.” That’s right: Kick-Ass’ rise to Internet celebrity is accompanied by the theme song to Freaks & Geeks. You heard it here first: even though Judd Apatow had nothing to do with this movie, some people are going to call this “the Judd Apatow superhero movie.” Which isn’t nearly as bad a thing as the Apatow-haters would have you believe.

Kick-Ass hits theaters on April 16th — we’ll see you in the ticket line.

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