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Uh … Did Kevin Feige Confirm Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight?

Well, Sebastian Stan sort of did.

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At the global press conference for Falcon and the Winter Soldier this weekend, the cast of the show were asked about what upcoming Marvel hero they’d want to share a screen with. Specifically mentioned were Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. When Bucky Barnes star Sebastian Stan got to answer, his gut reaction was to yell about Oscar Isaac. (Honestly, same.)

“One character that sounds really, really, really cool to me is the character that Oscar Isaac is gonna play,” Stan said, following it up with a “Knight…Moon?” question. Anthony Mackie quickly corrected him and shared his own hope of being connected to the world of Blade, but what’s interesting about this, apart from the hilarious idea that Sebastian Stan thinks his name is KNIGHT MOON, is the fact that Marvel head Kevin Feige was a) right there and could have corrected him and b) seemed to nod in response to Sebastian Stan.

And as of right now, Oscar Isaac hasn’t been confirmed as Moon Knight. We had an idea. The cinematographer for the show posted on Instagram about Isaac playing Marc Spector, but nothing came from the Disney side of things. And sure, Feige’s nod might not be the confirmation we want in this world, but it’s at least something. Marvel has a track record for not confirming casting, and as someone who frequently writes about these properties, it’s … annoying.

For months, we wondered if Hailee Steinfeld was playing Kate Bishop, and our confirmation came from set pictures taken on December 3rd. (Eventually, the Disney investor day led to Feige confirming her casting, but … come on.) The same goes for Tatiana Maslany. News broke that she was cast as Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk, and the star denied the rumors, and it was a constant flow of “nope, it’s not Tatiana Maslany,” only for them to confirm that she is playing She-Hulk at the same investor event.

So if this is how we get the confirmation of Isaac taking on Marc Spector, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised. Maybe it’s to just keep us talking about the shows until they’re closer to a release date, or maybe it’s just that they don’t owe us anything, but it is fascinating how little Marvel is willing to confirm. We got confirmation that Ethan Hawke is in Moon Knight before we even get confirmation of who is playing Marc Spector? When will they just … tell us things?

For now, I’ll take Kevin Feige’s little nod as proof that Oscar Isaac is going to be playing Moon Knight. Mainly because that’s all I want in this world right now and I’m going with it. Or maybe Sebastian Stan was on to something, and he’s playing a new character named Knight Moon … I’m kidding, please don’t do this to me. Just confirm Oscar Isaac already. It’s time.

(image: Marvel Entertainment/Lucasfilm)

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