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Kevin Feige Says We’ll Get a Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Before the Movie Comes Out. Very Funny, Kevin.

Spider-Man looking shocked

This Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer saga is my worse nightmare. For those who haven’t been flip-flopped around by the rumors of a trailer release, let me enlighten you. The last we saw of Peter Parker was in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which was released in theaters in July of 2019. While we had a year and a half to wait for Spider-Man: No Way Home, we all figured we would have seen some sort of footage from the movie by this point.

The problem is that the pandemic pushed movies back and filming got a little wonky and now we’re in limbo wondering whether or not movies are going to get delayed again. And with all that comes an (alleged) December 17th release date for Spider-Man and yet no trailer. Actually, we have nothing in regards to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Well, we have some merchandise (with some potential magical plot teases) and a few pictures but for a movie that is coming out in less than four months, that’s beyond strange.

And with every passing week, there’s some new rumor about when we can see a trailer. It has become an entire bit online asking the official accounts for a look at the Tom Holland-starring third film or for any sort of information about it. To the point where Marvel Studios president and keeper of the secrets Kevin Feige is now being asked in interviews where the trailer is.‘s Brandon Davis asked Feige about the trailer point-blank and he gave us the most obvious known to man. He’s just playing with our fragile hearts at this point.

Great. Thanks, Kevin. Happy to know that a trailer for a movie will come out before the movie does. Guess I’ll continue to wake up every morning thinking about whether or not I slept through the trailer drop and just suffer then, Feige!!!

Twitter had fun both mocking Feige’s bit and also sharing their frustrations over still waiting for this trailer.

If we get a trailer even a week before the movie comes out at this point, I’ll be happy. Because I just can’t keep thinking that we’re going to get a new trailer each and every morning. I’ll descend into madness.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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