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Spider-Man: No Way Home Merch Shows Us … MAGIC PETER?

Spider-Man: No Way Home t-shirt depicting Spider-Man shooting a web with magic symbols floating around it, reading "Magic with a thiwip!!"

Peter Parker and Stephen Strange barely know each other. They met on a spaceship, Peter mocked Doctor Strange for his name being Doctor Strange, and then they got snapped away until Stephen brought them all to Avengers Compound. So what is the connection between the Peter and Stephen in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Well, it just got a little clearer with some new leaked merch for the movie.

From what looks like shirts with Peter using Doctor Strange’s quintessential magic to propaganda for Mysterio, the new merch is the most we’ve learned about Spider-Man: No Way Home since we got confirmation of the title. And the movie is still scheduled for a December 2021 release, so … are we going to get a trailer even? Or just this merch? Because I will say, these shirts told us plenty about the movie.

We already knew that the film would connect to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but we didn’t know what to what extent. Now though, it seems as if Peter will become a master of the mystic arts with the help of Stephen Strange. My boy will do magic?!!?!? He’s going to be so excited.

There’s even more, also featuring none other than Stephen Strange himself:

Peter Parker is, currently, on the run, mainly because Mysterio had one more trick up his sleeve and released an edited video of Spider-Man “killing” Quentin Beck on the Tower Bridge in London and revealing to the world that Peter is actually Spider-Man. That’s the last we saw of our webbed boy, and we have no idea what’s coming for him. If Stephen Strange is teaching Peter magic? Well, it can’t be good.

What’s even more interesting is the inclusion of these Mysterio shirts that seem to share Quentin Beck’s propaganda and his attack on Peter’s character.

So … the world is going to believe Quentin Beck, then? Over Spider-Man? At least enough so that there are shirts made to show their support for Mysterio and his claims that Peter ordered his death? Interesting, especially given these people know absolutely nothing about Mysterio other than the lies told to them by Beck himself.

How will this all play into Peter’s story? That’s what we need to find out. Will Peter need to get a lawyer to dispute these claims? Is he going to go back in time or to a different universe to prove his innocence? Or is this going to be just Peter on the run, trying to protect himself the entire time?

You can buy the merch online, and it is really a deeper look into Spider-Man: No Way Home and I can’t wait to see what this movie is going to do to Peter Parker.

(via and io9, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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