Kermit Sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Excuse me, I think I have a four-leaf clover in my eye.

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It’s March 18th, so it seems like we’ve all survived the chaos that was St. Patrick’s Day weekend relatively unscathed. What happens when you can’t take off all the green the next day, though? It probably means you put too much food coloring in your beer. Unless you’re Kermit the frog, of course, in which case you get to sing a sad song about it.

To be fair to Jimmy, however, I don’t know that I buy his premise that it’s easier to be green on a day that everyone’s wearing green. Sure, you blend in to the crowd more, but that crowd is full of drunk jerks who are appropriating your aesthetic to mess with cops and throw up on the subway. It’s like how all the demons in Buffy stay home on Halloween, y’know?

(via The Tonight Show)

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