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Kelly Sue DeConnick Profiled for Vanity Fair, Still As Much of a Badass As Ever, Really

"Be terrifying." - Kelly Sue DeConnick, 2015

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Vanity Fair just recently shared a profile on your favorite writer and mine, Kelly Sue DeConnick. It’s a really well-written piece that delves deeply into things like her writing process, her personal life, and women in comics. It’s interesting to note that the piece begins with DeConnick talking about how ridiculous it is to ask women what it’s like to be a woman in comics yet somehow still touches on that very topic throughout.

DeConnick has had a major impact on the comic industry, and she has some choice words for women who might be trying to break in. Laura A. Parker, the piece’s author, shares a moment when a writer’s class asks her about sexism in the comic book industry. DeConnick sighs and answers:

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry sort of sucks, but it doesn’t suck any more than being a woman in the world. My advice? Be terrifying.

Be terrifying, indeed. Best. Advice. Ever. Definitely check out the full story over at Vanity Fair, it’s well worth the read just to see what she says about Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps.

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