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Even Kelly Marie Tran Is Shipping Finn/Poe

Come on already, Star Wars


[Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi]

Kelly Marie Tran recently stopped by Fangirling, a lifestyle/talk show hybrid series over at Nerdist Alpha that features “a rotating panel of pop culture witches.” As part of the conversation, and as shown in this exclusive clip above, she revealed that she, too, is shipping Finn and Poe.

“Obviously, there are a lot of ships in the Star Wars universe,” asks Fangirling host and Nerdist managing editor Alicia Lutes. “I think the biggest question: are you a Finn/Poe shipper?”

“Yes, I am,” Tran says. “I have been since the beginning … I really support it. John and Oscar have a great relationship, and it’s really fun to see them riffing off each other. And Oscar is so funny. They’ll be doing a scene, and then he’ll be just making moments up, just to have those moments. I’m openly a Finn/Poe shipper—Stormpilot, Finn/Poe, whatever you call it.”

Listen, folks, she called it Stormpilot. Kelly Marie Tran has clearly been out on the Tumblr tags. She also confirms what interviews would suggest: Oscar Isaac is really rooting for Finn/Poe, and my angry queer heart just loves that he plays every scene with that in mind. And lest we forget, Poe Dameron is not explicitly coded as heterosexual in the canon. He’s waiting for the “right partner” to give his mother’s wedding ring.

Now, as I’ve said before, I get that director Rian Johnson was making dramatic decisions under the thumb of the Disney corporation, rather than decisions based on the obvious chemistry between these two actors and my personal ships. I get it, much as it annoyed me and made me want to wear this pin. Plus, my love of seeing Kelly Marie Tran get to play an angry rebel love interest always tempered my rage. Now that I know she’s on board with it, though, I can lean right in and loose the sails of this ship.

That said, I am curious: what would be Tran’s ideal scenario in the films? Do Finn and Poe settle down together while Rose becomes the next general of the Resistance? Are Rose, Finn, and Poe just happily polyamorous? (Listen, I can dream.)

If you’d like to see the entire Fangirling episode on Alpha, you can use the promo code “fangirling” to get a 60-day free trial when you join.

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