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Kayleigh McEnany Responds To Accusation of Lying “the Way Most People Breathe” by Going on Fox News & Lying a Bunch

Proving Jake Tapper right with every breath/lie.

Kayleigh McEnany listens during a press briefing.

This past Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper explained why he doesn’t invite White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and some other certain members of Donald Trump’s cabinet onto his shows: because they’re lying liars who “tell lies the way most people breathe.”

Tapper was speaking with his colleague Brian Stelter about how difficult it’s been for the media to cover the Trump administration, and how many journalists never found a way over the last four years to combat the lies coming out of that presidential propaganda machine. Tapper says his solution was just not to let the biggest liars on air.

“There were some people that are just so mendacious, I just wouldn’t put them on air. Kayleigh McEnany, I never booked her. Jason Miller from the Trump campaign, I would never book him. I mean, these are just people who just tell lies the way that most people breathe and there was no value in that.”

Tapper also made distinctions around the different levels of lying, saying he didn’t view Kellyanne Conway the same way, for example. “She was more of a filibusterer and a subject-changer.”

McEnany, though? Top-tier, boss-level liar. “This [lying] is what she does,” Tapper says. “She tells lies all the time. She can’t acknowledge reality. So, I’m just not going to put somebody like that on air.”

As you might expect, McEnany didn’t love that. She responded via tweet, calling the segment “a therapy session for a broken network.”

“I do not leak. I do not lie. But I DO call out the lies of the media,” she wrote, providing a lie as a helpful example, “(i.e. CNN Russia collusion hoax!)”

McEnany is adamant that she doesn’t lie, and to prove it, she immediately went on Fox News and … publicly lied.

McEnany is still out here claiming there was massive fraud in the presidential election and no amount of fact-checking or debunking or dismissed, frivolous lawsuits will stop her. She told Fox that Joe Biden increased his margin of victory over Hillary Clinton’s in 2016 in four and only four key swing state metro areas—an already debunked MAGA talking point that is supposed to indicate the presence of fraud, except for the fact that it didn’t happen.

As Tapper noted on Twitter, even the conservative National Review has done a “comprehensive fact check about this long-debunked lie.” If McEnany wants people to believe she’s not a liar, she could at least come up with some new, less Googlable lies to tell instead of just repeating the same ones over and over.

(via The Daily Beast, image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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