Celebrate Panem’s Strength By Devouring This Life-Sized Katniss Cake (Bonus: New Natalie Dormer Footage!)

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The best part of anticipating a new Hunger Games release is watching fans out-Capitol themselves in their excitement. Case in point: this to-scale Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss cake. Constructing edible monuments to Victors? That’s psychological warfare at its tastiest.

According to The Telegraph, Cakeniss was Lara Clarke’s winning entry into the Cake International Contest in Birmingham, England (this is Clarke’s second year as Victor–in 2013, she took home the grand prize for a crisped rice Jack Sparrow). The Hunger Games cake required £600, 150 eggs, 22 lb. of flour and butter, and ten weeks of work to complete. Admits Clarke, “some of the cake inside is around three months old so is definitely past its best.”

If you want a tangible metaphor for consumption and celebrity of your very own, Clarke has started her own business, Tasty Cakes. (Follow that link to see the nerdy baker’s other winning entry from this year—a life-sized Tyrion Lannister!)

In non-nom-nom news, we also have a new clip of Mockingjay-Part 1, and this time, it’s Natalie Dormer-centric! Here’s Cressida introducing some District 13 rebels.

Natalie Dormer’s shaved head: would eat.

(Via Jezebel, image via TastyCakes on Facebook)

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