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Katie McGrath Bumped Up to Series Regular on Supergirl Because Lena Luthor Is Everything

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Supergirl hasn’t been entirely without flaws this season, but one of the things that’s consistently right about it is Lena Luthor. Whenever she appears, we know that we’re in for a better-than-usual episode (or at least some better-than-usual lip-biting and eye flirting). Thank Rao, then, that The CW sees fit to keep her around!

Katie McGrath has just been made a series regular for Season 3 of Supergirl! This is great news as, aside from my own hopeless shipping and sighing, McGrath’s performance as Lena has consistently been one of the best things about the show this season. I love how complex Lena is. Sure there’s Luthor family baggage, and she’s totally mixed up in it. She’s also very much a business woman, and makes decisions for her company that don’t necessarily take human (or alien) welfare into account (so, she’s basically like just about anyone who owns a corporation).

However, she’s also someone who’s genuinely working really hard to distance herself from everything horrible that the name Luthor means and carve out her own path that is significantly more heroic. She’s trying to do good, and so she’s someone that Kara, and we, can root for. As McGrath says of her character, according to, “She’s honest, she’s true to Kara, she’s true to her friends … She keeps trying, in the face of all the things that people keep throwing at her. She’s defying them!”

In other words, she’s one of them there Nuanced Female Characters I keep asking for more of on television.

And as much as I joke about shipping Lena and Kara (honestly, I think that McGrath is just one of those people who makes any scene infinitely sexier just by her presence, no matter what the scene is), I truly love Kara and Lena’s friendship. I love that Lena believes in Kara as much as Kara believes in her. The respect is mutual, and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow.

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Also, I mean, just COME ON. LOOK AT THEM. Not only can I not even, but I’m not sure I remember what even-ing is.

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