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Giveaway: Learn How to Draw Adorable Cats (and Other Stuff, Too!) in Drawing Cute With Katie Cook

image: Impact Cover of "Drawing Cute With Katie Cook"

Are you one of those people who’s all “I can’t draw?” Well Katie Cook doesn’t believe you. In fact, her philosophy is “If you know how to draw a potato, the art world is an open door.” Don’t know how to draw a potato? Huh. This is gonna be tricky, then. You might need a copy of Cook’s new book, Drawing Cute With Katie Cook. She’s all about drawing potatoes.

image: Impact Books Katie CookKatie Cook is an artist and writer who’s done work for Marvel, DC, Disney, LucasFilm, and IDW, among others. She’s known for her original comic series, Gronk: A Monster’s Story, her webcomic, Nothing Special, and her work on IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as well as for her signature “cute” drawing style, where she can make even the most harrowing comic book situations super-adorable.

Now, she wants to share not only her art knowledge, but her feelings about cats, how one shouldn’t trust people who hate cats, and eating or hitting objects with faces in her super-fun and super-cute drawing guide, Drawing Cute With Katie Cook from Impact Books.

Here’s the official description:

Fun fact: A lot of animals are shaped like potatoes.
Another fun fact: Potatoes are easy to draw.
Another another fun fact: If you can draw a potato, you can draw animals.

Master of cute Katie Cook teaches readers of all ages how to draw everything adorable in her first tutorial
book with quick and easy-to- follow step-by- step lessons. All you need is a pencil and paper … or a napkin
or a wall, depending on how confident you are in your drawing ability. Learn how to turn curvy blobs,
shapes and squiggles into more than 200 different things, including fuzzy animals, cute food and
inanimate objects like yarns balls, luggage and a toaster. Add nubbins, swishy bits, and little smiley faces
to anything and everything to transform it into something really, really cute.

  • How to draw lots of cats: fluffy cats, non-fluffy cats, cats in boxes, Polaroids of cats on
  • How to draw food like ketchup delivery sticks, spicy dragon claws and tiny broccoli trees
  • Perfect for doodling during class or in meetings

For fans of drawing turkeys from hand outlines (gobble, gobble) or Ed Emberley’s super simple drawing
instruction books that use shapes, letters and even thumbprints as starting points, Drawing Cute with
Katie Cook is a must-own adorable drawing manual, complete with Doctor Who references, fun facts and
bad puns.

* Don’t worry, there are lots of dog drawings, too!

This book not only shows you how easy it is to actually draw recognizable objects, but it’s also infused with Cook’s humor and cute sensibility. It’s as much a fun read as it is a useful guide.

Thanks to Impact Books, we have five copies of Drawing Cute to give away to some lucky and creative TMS readers! All you have to do to snag a copy of your own enter to win by following these simple rules for your social media platform of choice (available in the US only, one entry per person):


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Enter by Friday, February 9th at 5PM ET, and we’ll select one winner from all the entrants at random! Good luck!

(image: Impact Books)

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