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Katherine Langford’s Cut Avengers: Endgame Role Has Been Revealed


Who is Katherine Langford in Avengers 4

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame ahead. Beware.**

I’m now your official expert on all things Morgan Stark. A character that served as an emotional connection to Tony Stark’s new reality, Morgan became someone many fans (including myself) cared deeply about. At just five years old, she has to watch as her father goes off to fight Thanos once again and her life is, seemingly, turned upside down.

When Katherine Langford, of 13 Reasons Why fame, was cast in Avengers: Endgame, many of us tried to speculate who she was going to be. We had some ideas, but as we now know, she wasn’t in the film. So what gives? It’s not because they just didn’t use her. In fact, the Russo brothers admitted that her storyline just ended up confusing audiences, because Langford made a one-time appearance as an older version of Morgan.

On Happy Sad Confused, the Russo brothers released the original idea behind Langford’s casting as Morgan Stark:

“There was an idea that we had that Tony was going to go into the metaphysical way station that Thanos goes in when he snapped his fingers, and that there was going to be a future version of his daughter in that way station.”

Think back, if you will, to the end of the film. As you’ll recall, the only version of Morgan Stark we see is the version portrayed by Alexandra Rachel Rabe, the six-year-old actress in Endgame. So, it’d be confusing to have Langford come to tell Tony Stark she forgives him when we, the audience, have never seen her before.

That may mean, though, we may never see Langford as Morgan, especially if we have to wait some time to see Morgan in the MCU again.

Honestly, good. Let me play Morgan Stark so I can cry a lot. But also, this may show us that the MCU isn’t done with the Stark family yet. Can she be the next Iron Man or Rescue? Are we going to have more time jumps in the future? Who knows, but as the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer points out, the world needs an Iron Man, so why not have it be Morgan Stark when she grows up?

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