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Sorry, Katee Sackhoff Isn’t Playing Captain Marvel, But She Totally Would If You Asked Her

ATTN: Marvel.

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Yesterday we told you about Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff teasing a “super secret job” on Twitter that some people thought might be Captain Marvel. Turns out the wishes and prayers of nerd boys and girls across the Internet weren’t enough to make it so, as Sackhoff’s revealed that the movie she’s talking about isn’t a Marvel project.

Sweet summer children can keep thinking “But… but maybe it’ll be DC!” Or you can accept the fact that this is probably some random sci-fi/horror movie, and Sackhoff just likes torturing us. What we do know is that producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, The Grey) will be involved, though in what capacity is unknown.

But would Sackhoff do a superhero movie if she got the chance? Abso-fricking-lutely, she explains in an exclusive interview with Nerdcore Movement, though the timing makes it tough: “I’m used to television, where you go in for a meeting and the next day you have the job. That’s just not the way it works in film. It takes a long time. I’m getting to an age where this is not my life, I don’t put my life on hold anymore, so my luck I’ll get the call right when I’m pregnant.” Further, “I think it’s about time we have some female action heroes get their own vehicle, for sure. I think this kind of movie is probably the easiest genre to do it in.”

We’ve seen that, at least stereotypically, people like to have a big male name in action movies, and that’s just the way the business works and that’s the mindset people in this business have. But it would be kind of nice, especially in this universe of science fiction and fantasy where they’re so open to strong women—this is probably the one place you could have a multi-million dollar franchise on the back of a woman and have it work, because the fans are so accepting of strong women.

As for Captain Marvel, the Carol Danvers incarnation, Sackhoff calls her “interesting” and says, “I’ve always been more attracted to the villains so even when I play a hero, I try to make them a bit more of an emotional anti-hero. I think I could have fun with it, absolutely.”

We could have had it alllllll! You still have time, Marvel!

(hat tip to Kristopher)

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