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Karen Gillan Did A Reddit AMA And Revealed Her Love For Another Redhead Of Geekdom

We’re very excited for Karen Gillan’s post-Doctor Who career path so far. She’s got the seriously scary-looking horror film Oculus coming out April 11, not to mention a role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and a pilot for ABC. The actress recently took some time out of her busy schedule to do a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” Here are some of our favorite questions and answers. 

Question: Hey Karen, what’s your favorite part of Scotland? Of the World?

Answer: My favorite part of Scotland is my hometown, Inverness. It’s beautiful and has my family in it. My favorite part of the world is the same place, but my favorite place to travel to is New York.

Woo! NYC!!

Question: Can you tell us one secret about Matt [Smith]?

Answer: Matt eats a whole packet of chocolate biscuits a night with tea.

Well that seems excessive…

Question: In Oculus you have a nearly 13-minute monologue, how hard was it to shoot that scene considering you had to do it with an American accent?

Answer: It was the hardest thing I ever had to learn. It took me 2 months. If you think of the memory like a muscle, I pulled it.


Question: If you could be any alien from the Doctor Who series, which would you be?

Answer: I would be a silurian.

That does not surprise me.

Question: What is the best dinosaur?

Answer: Pterodactyl. They get to fly and be a dinosaur.

With a follow up…

Question: Pterodactyls are a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

Answer: Talk to Spielberg.

Now the burning questions…

Question: I loved watching Doctor Who and seeing what color your nails were going to be each episode. Are they real and do you paint them yourself??

Answer: They are real, and I painted them myself every day to save time for the make-up artist.

What a nice lady.

Question: The year is 1998. Do you choose Playstation or N64?

Answer: Playstation all the way.

Flash Fact: I’ve never played either system.

Question: If you could play any historical character, who would it be and why?

Answer: I want to play Lady Macbeth. I know she’s not a historical character, however I want to play her so badly.

Make it happen, Hollywood/Broadway.

Question: In a lot of films and TV actors take little items of memorabilia to remember their time on the show. Did you take something, and if so, what was it?

Answer: I took the binoculars from the Tardis.

Someone call the police!! Now here’s the big one…

Question: If you were ever at a comicon (not as a guest but as a attendant) what series would you be “nerding out” the most over?

Answer: If the X-Files were at comicon now, I would freak out. Gillian Anderson is the greatest redhead there ever was. I want to believe.

But we’ll leave you with this one…

Question: Would you rather fight a horse sized duck? Or 100 duck sized horses?

Answer: Definitely a horse sized duck. I just think a giant duck is brilliant.

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