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Kara Gets More Than She Bargained For in Supergirl Sneak Peek

Your typical bank robbers pack more of a punch.

I’ve really been enjoying Supergirl so far this season–probably even moreso than the previous one on CBS–but one thing that’s been bugging me since the season 2 premiere is how little we’ve seen Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen. His main purpose in the first episode seemed to be to hang around just long enough to get dumped by Kara and promoted to an interim position as Cat Grant’s replacement, but since then he’s been frustratingly scarce. He wasn’t even in last week’s episode at all!

Thankfully, it looks like tomorrow’s episode entitled “Crossfire” will be a lot more James-heavy–which, frankly, is what he deserves after some pretty unfortunate shuttling off to one side for the first four episodes of the season. If you’re someone who reads show spoilers (like me) or co-hosts a Supergirl-related podcast (also like me), then you know James has been given a role which may or may not be good for his character depending on how it pans out. At the very least, it’s going to seriously increase the number of action scenes he gets to do–but I won’t say any more than that if you’re still trying to stay mostly oblivious to spoilery bits.

Based on the sneak peek above, James is going to be able to start holding his own–even though I’m not sure trying to punch out a bank robber holding a gun is the best way to jump into the fray. To add insult to injury: his camera also gets completely smashed! Supergirl, on the other hand, isn’t having a great time against the souped-up weapon that their leader is wielding–which leads me to believe that the sinister group Project Cadmus might have had a hand in giving them an upgrade.

Other than James refusing to sit on the sidelines, it looks like Mon-El is going to be getting a job at Catco. The jury’s still out for me on this guy–mostly because I don’t want him to be Kara’s new love interest after the show did such an atrocious job of handling her romance with James, but also because I don’t buy it. Besides, based on the promo he’ll probably be too busy hooking up with Miss Tessmacher? (I think that was her.)

What are your feelings on season 2 of Supergirl so far? Are you shipping Alex and Maggie as much as I am?

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