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DC Explains Why They’re Not Making A Justice League Movie: Marvel Zing!

How to explain why you’re not being as ambitious as your competitor by saying that you’re actually so much more awesome than them that you don’t have to be, oh and by the way what they’re doing is totally lame anyway why would you even want it:

I’m going to speak frankly: I think our characters are bigger than Marvel’s.

That was Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC, speaking at New York Comic Con yesterday.

He said that he’d rather spend time building each character on his or her own rather than “smashing them together.”

Which is a nice way to spin the fact that your fictional universe was not built from the ground up for cross-title continuity and so your characters vary wildly in tone and scale, whereas your competitor’s universe is (for the most part) much younger and was created by a smaller pool of talent over a shorter period of time and so is quite a bit more consistent.

Don’t ever change, DC. We’ll always have Unlimited, anyway.

(via Blastr.)

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