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Justice League Honest Trailer Is the Only Alternate Cut the Movie Needs


Marvel and DC movies tend to get compared a lot because, really, there’s no other meaningful point of comparison for cinematic superhero movie universes of this scale. That leads to a lot of ire over perceived bias against DC movies, but for most superhero movie fans, there’s nothing we’d like to see more than both of them succeed. That’s why it was so disappointing when Justice League—as Screen Junkies’ honest trailer put it, the best comic book characters ever united for a film—was just kind of … there.

It’s extra difficult to deal with when the movie clearly isn’t the end product that was originally envisioned, after Zack Snyder stepped down well into production and let Joss Whedon take over. It’s hard not to wonder how the movie would have turned out without those outside circumstances changing to an extent we may never really understand. It would’ve been easier to stomach a straightforward disappointment than watch the movie obviously struggle with different creators’ ideas of how it should be.

Still, the “Snyder cut” doesn’t exist, and we got the movie that we got: one ripe for the honest trailer treatment. Sadly, the hodgepodge of weird choices and awkward moments memorialized here are likely the way most of us will remember this movie, even if we wish it had turned out differently, so we might as well at least get a laugh out of it.

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